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Compare Car Hire Murcia Airport

Many travellers arrive at airports such as Murcia Airport for a holiday in Spain every year. Spain is a great attraction for tourists especially when it comes to beach lovers. However, while tourists frequent places such as Seville and Madrid, others such as Murcia are often forgotten. However, for tourists that like to go off the beaten track, a good place to start when it comes to tourism in Spain is Murcia.

Murcia, accessible via Murcia airport, is an enchanting place. First of its often overlooked because it is quite hot and rugged similar to North Africa when it comes to climate. Hence, some tourists are put off by the idea of spending time in a place that may be too hot often opting for regions that are closer to the coastline. However, Murcia is not so bad as it also has a region that is close to the coast and its benefit is that it is not swamped by tourists as are other parts of Spain such as Lisbon. So it makes a great out of the way tourist destination for anyone looking to stay away from the common tourist areas.

While it is dry, you will find that Murcia is quite fertile and full of beautiful fruits and vegetables due to the use of irrigation systems in the region. The city is also productive because it seats between two river systems. Hence, many people say that the food served here is some of the best in Spain. There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that is amazing, and that contributes to the great food such as tapas served in the city restaurants and food points.

The Moors founded Murcia; therefore, architectural enthusiasts will be enthralled by the abundance of ancient and Islamic architecture to be found here. You can use car hire services to traverse the city as you visit the many beautiful and old buildings still to be found in the city. Beautiful churches, cathedrals, Islamic buildings, and plazas dot the city and are an attraction for many visitors.

If you choose to holiday in Murcia, hire a car at Murcia Airport and look for a villa to stay in - instead of staying at a hotel. There are quite many villas available for short term rent, and many contain many amenities such as pools or Jacuzzis that you will enjoy. These packages are especially attractive for couples on a honeymoon or short getaway looking for privacy and comfort.

Although some parts of Murcia are dry, the coastline is not, and you will enjoy sunbathing at the various beaches dotting its shores. If you are on a family vacation, use car hire services to spend lots of time at the beach with your family. If you are single at the end of the day, you can always find a place to party and even have more fun when there is a fiesta on. Fiestas are often on during the summer and are a great place to sample the local nightlife and meet other tourists. So why not book your vacation to Murcia via Murcia airport today!

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