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Compare Car Hire Malaga Airport

If you are planning to vacation in Spain and are a beach lover, then visit Malaga via Malaga Airport. You don’t have to be discouraged either if you are an off season tourist as this city does not wind down during off season. Malaga is full of restaurants, shops, and bars that you can explore. It also helps that it is set right in between two coastlines meaning it is sandwiched between two beaches. There is no end to the places at which you can spend time enjoying some sun and having fun at the beach.

Avoid public transport

You will enjoy travelling through and exploring Malaga if you rent a car at Malaga airport. Rentals are convenient modes of transport to use when on vacation because they give you freedom of movement that you would otherwise not have if you relied on buses, trains or taxis. With a personal car at your disposal, you can better explore the many interesting tourist spots found in this Spanish city.

Unfortunately, Malaga is often overlooked by tourists visiting Spain. Many prefer to pass through via Malaga Airport on their way to other popular tourist destinations such as Granada and Costa del Sol. However, those that choose to explore this port city soon find out that it is full of restaurants, shopping hubs and offers a great nightlife. It is also a favorite of art enthusiasts as there are always art exhibitions in various art galleries that showcase great art pieces. Here you will also find great museums to explore which is ideal for tourists that are interested in cultural attractions.

Food and excellent tourist sites

It’s not always about spending time at the beach as you will soon find when you arrive in Malaga. It’s about exploring the hidden treasures of the city that you would otherwise not be aware of while sunning at the beach. There are many places you can visit that are not found in guide books but are worth your time. There are also famous sites that you cannot afford to miss. For example, using car hire services, you could visit the Picasso museum, the museum of fine arts and archaeology and more.

The food is excellent especially for those that value fresh seafood. The Andalusian cuisine you will find in the numerous restaurants and eateries dotting the city will enchant you. Here, car hire services come in handy as you can explore the various eateries with ease. Apart from the elegant restaurants, it’s often much better to dine with the locals at simple eateries close to the beach that serve fresh and tasty seafood.

You will get unforgettable sardines fresh from the sea barbequed on sticks or enjoy seafood platters with mussels, prawns and other delicacies fresh from the sea. Of course, you cannot leave Malaga without enjoying the famous Spanish tapas. It’s always fun to taste local dishes in the country of their origin. Using car hire services from Malaga airport there is no end to the places you can visit and the fun you can have in this Spanish city.

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