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Compare Car Hire Cartagena Train Station

Cartagena, Spain is found on the Mediterranean coastline and has little annual rainfall. Therefore, Cartagena is an attraction for vacationers looking to spend time in seaside countries with hot climate. Apart from spending time on the beaches, tourists use car hire at Cartagena train station services to visit the many historical monuments dotting the port city.

Cartagena has at one time or the other been inhabited by people from different Mediterranean empires in the past. Therefore, it has a wealth of monuments, archeological sites and other historical artifacts. There are over 12 museums to be found in Cartagena and using car hire at Cartagena train station services you can visit some if not all of them. There are also buildings of interest and churches of note that you will also enjoy visiting.

Numerous museums

When in Cartagena, make a point of visiting the Museo Nacional del Teatro designed by the famous Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. The other museum to visit is the Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática, which is an underwater archaeological museum. In the underwater museum, you will find artifacts collected from shipwrecks and a lot of interactive exhibits. You will also learn a lot of the maritime history associated with Cartagena. These and other museums found in the city will give you a lot of knowledge and also give you a chance to see lots of old artifacts, monuments and art pieces.

There is also the Museo Arqueológico Municipal, which is an archaeological museum built over what was a Roman cemetery in the past. The archaeological museum has a rich display of Islamic, Carthaginian and Roman among other ancient artifacts.

Using car hire at Cartagena train station, you can also visit the military museum that houses the largest collection of artillery in Spain. Another war-related tourist attraction is the Civil War shelter museum that houses displays dating back to war times. There are much more historical building you can visit using car hire at Cartagena train station services. The best way to go about it is to visit the tour office for information on the available tourist attractions, information on tours, maps and other information that will help you to move around.

Use a chauffeur

You can use chauffeured car hire at Cartagena train station services to get a driver with your rental that will take you from place to place during your tour. Many of these drivers are bilingual and can act as impromptu translators during any road trip. They also have good ideas on various attractions you can visit that you may not find in the tour or guide books.

Car hire at Cartagena train station requirements include a passport, driving license, international driver permit, insurance and credit card. It is advisable that you book your rental in advance so that you can find the car that you desire. Do not wait until you arrive at the airport or train station to book a rental as you might lose out on your choice of vehicle and pay exorbitant charges. So why not book a car for your next trip to Spain today!

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