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Compare Car Hire Munich Airport

Every year, lots of tourists fly to Germany via Munich Airport for the Oktoberfest folk festival. Germany gets millions of visitors each year for the festival that brings together beer lovers from all over the world. During the time of the festival, accommodation, car hire services, and flights are often full booked as people pour into Germany from all over the world.

What is Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfest is a festival held for just over two weeks each year just outside the city of Munich. Although its name suggests that it takes place in October, the bulk of celebrations occurs in September only coming to an end at the beginning of October. So, at the end of September and beginning of October each year, car hire services and airline tickets to Munich Airport are in high demand. The festival occurs in a meadow where a lot of drinking, eating, and dancing happens. There are also fairground rides and parades that are fun to experience for adults and children.

Using car hire services from Munich airport you can get a rental to help you move around with ease during the celebrations. You cannot expect to use taxis during the more than two weeks that the celebrations are on as it can be quite expensive. Many tourists make it easier by hiring campervans so that they even save on accommodation costs. When you have a camper van, you can sleep and prepare meals in the van and park close to the festival so that you are close to all the action.

What do you expect at the Oktoberfest celebrations?

If you get to the festival on the first day, you will enjoy the colorful opening day parade that occurs each year. The parade makes its way through the city of Munich made up of people on floats and in costumes in a great celebratory mood. You can rent a car at Munich airport on your arrival and use the day to explore the city while taking in the festive atmosphere and enjoying the parade.

After the opening day funfair, you will find lots of tents erected at the meadow just outside of Munich where the festival takes place. Each tent has something interesting to offer, and people are often decked out in Bavarian dress to celebrate the festival. You will see lots of people in hired costumes known as lederhosen and dirndl as a fun way of getting into the festive mood.

A lot of beer and traditional German foods such as bratwurst sausages are consumed at the Oktoberfest. You can learn a lot about German traditions during the Festival. It makes for a great family vacation as children will enjoy spending time at the many fair rides, sampling tasty food and watching shows such as puppet theaters. You can use the visit during the festival to also explore the city of Munich, which is packed with tourist attractions to explore. Using car hire services from Munich airport you can traverse to and from the festival grounds if you choose to get accommodations in the city. Overall, you are assured of a great time at the Oktoberfest so make a point of going there this year.

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