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Compare Car Hire Nice Airport

Next time you visit France via Nice Airport make sure you use car hire services to explore the city. Nice is one of the attractions in France that are often overlooked by tourists. Most people prefer to visit cities such as Paris, St. Tropez or even Monaco for a leisurely vacation while completely overlooking this charming place.

Anyone looking to have a nice simple vacation in a place that is not too packed with vacationers in France should try Nice for size. Here, you will enjoy the same things you would in say - Monaco but in a relatively tranquil environment. You can still sun yourself on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, visit great museums, eat at nice and not overpriced restaurants, and enjoy great architectural sites. The nightlife in Nice is also quite enjoyable, and you get to enjoy great music and meet quite an eclectic mix of people.

Lots of museums and galleries

Using car hire services from Nice Airport, you can explore this quaint city at your pace. However, if you must stay in Paris - the city of love, then having a rental car at your disposal as it will allow you to drive to Nice for a day or two. You will find that everything is much cheaper in Nice than in other grand cities in France. For example, you get to visit its many museums and galleries free. Think of all the money you could save in entrance fees.

Also, the fact that the city is quite compact means that most tourist attractions are right at your doorstep so you can save a lot of money on transport. You can combine savings and comfort by using a rental to move around instead of using a taxi. There are lots of car hire services at Nice Airport to choose from, and it’s easy to rent a car for the duration of your stay.

From Nice Airport, it’s quite easy to get to the Promenade des Angles. The Promenade is the hub of many hotels, restaurants and bars; it is an excellent place in which to meet people from other countries. If you are not French speaking, don’t worry as you are sure of meeting English speaking persons at the Promenade des Angles. It is also the best place in Nice to walk around enjoying the shops, or people-watch as you sip some wine or coffee.

Visit Old Town

You should also make a point of using car hire services to drive to the Old Town where you can park and walk through the alleyways exploring the shops. If you visit the market set in the main square, you will get back to you will find lots of things to purchase, great eateries from which to sample simple French cuisine and great cafes as well. You may also choose to abandon your rental car for a day or two and take a train to Monaco where it’s full of rich and famous people, and everything is on another level.

Using a rental is a great way of exploring Nice and other places on the Côte d’ Azure. You can use it as a base from which you travel to all surrounding regions of interest such as Cannes and Marseille. So consider visiting Nice via Nice Airport the next time you visit Paris on vacation and discover a simple yet fabulous vacation spot to visit alone, or with family.

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