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Compare Car Hire Knock Airport

If you are visiting Ireland via Knock Airport on vacation, there are a few attractions you must make a point of visiting. Ireland is a great country to explore for outdoor lovers. Use 4x4 car hire and you can have a great car for outdoor excursions. You will enjoy the wild countryside and can visit the many beautiful villages and sites dotting the country. If you are a hiker, you will enjoy spending time exploring the coastal cliffs and rugged terrain as you also sample the beautiful views that the country has to offer.

Places to hike and camp

When you fly to Ireland via Knock Airport on vacation, a natural attraction that you must visit is the Cliffs of Moher that are part of the country’s beautiful coastline. After visiting the cliffs, you can drive to The Burren, a natural phenomenon made of limestone rock that has its origins in the ice age. It’s a great hiking place as you can explore cliffs, go through valleys and even visit some beautiful beaches.

You can also take a hike on the 120 miles that make up the Ring of Kerry. The Ring of Kerry is the oldest walking route in the country, and it frequented by many hitchhikers. You must also make a point of visiting the Giant’s Causeway, which consists of a series of huge stepping stones – a natural phenomenon that is difficult to explain.

If you are looking for a secluded spot where you can live rugged and commune with nature, you can hire a car at Knock Airport and visit Glenveagh National Park. You can spend time in the park fishing in its lakes and take hikes as you explore the beautiful park. You will see wildlife such as red deer and even spot rare birds such as the Golden Eagle. You can also visit Connemara National Park, and if you love mountain climbing, you will enjoy exploring some of the mountains found in the park. If you love flowers, then visit the National Botanic Garden where you will find over 20,000 types of trees, plants, and flowers.

Architectural sites

If you are more into architectural attractions, then use car hire services from Knock Airport to visit Kylemore Abbey. The Abbey is a castle that was originally a private home that later became a castle for nuns. If you have ever heard the expression, “Kissed the Blarney Stone” then head to Blarney Castle to see the stone for yourself.

Apart from castles for tours, Ireland has many castles that offer accommodation to tourists. You get to spend a night or two in a real castle which is a great experience especially if you are a lover of fairy tales. A good place to start is Ashford Castle which is where the John Wayne movie called the Quiet Man was filmed. Other castles to visit are Dublin Castle and King John‘s Castle. If you are a lover of castles, you can use car hire services to visit in Ireland as the country is full of them. These are just a few places to visit next time you travel to Ireland via Knock Airport on vacation.

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