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Compare Car Hire Alicante Airport

If you are travelling to Spain via Alicante Airport, you may want to keep safety as a prime concern. Millions of people walk through the airport every day either on transit or arrival to a destination. Like in any other transport hub, issues of safety are of concern. However, many people are more concerned with issues such as airport car hire or finding their luggage even to consider the matter of security.

We always believe that airport security at places such as Alicante airport is enough. However, it’s good to know that criminals are not picky over when and where to commit crime and airport have become popular locations to commit a crime such as theft. Hence, it is important to keep alert when travelling especially while in the airport or on transit to your hotel.


First off, always keep your bags in sight when you are at an airport such as Alicante Airport. It’s easy for a criminal to snatch your luggage when you are busy on other things such as exchanging money or booking a rental. Such criminals wait for you to get distracted and snatch your bag while disappearing into the crowd so that it’s hard to get them. If you are travelling with a child, ensure that he/she does not have anything valuable at hand as children get easily distracted and can let go of items.

Late flights

If you are travelling to Spain via Alicante Airport or any other airport, it’s always good to pick a flight that will get you there during daylight whenever possible. Late flights are risky as you can get mugged on your way to the hotel especially if you arrive late in the night. Alternatively, get the hotel to send you someone to pick you up so that you don’t have to drive the rental yourself through the relatively unfamiliar routes in the country you are visiting.

If you choose to use airport car hire services, you must be extra careful when driving to your hotel. Do not be distracted from your course by people on the road asking for a ride or even looking like they want assistance. It is common for thieves to masquerade as hitchhikers or individuals in distress to get drivers to stop after which they rob the travellers. While it is admirable to lend a helping hand to someone, it is much better to drive off to the nearest police station and report the incident and police can then go and help. Otherwise, keep to your course until you get to your place of residence or your hotel especially if it is in the dead of night.

Safety while travelling should be your biggest concern because it is quite distressing to get mugged or have your items stolen in a foreign country. Use car hire services from reputable companies and tailor your travel itinerary to make sure that you arrive during safe hours and you will significantly minimize your chances of falling prey to criminals.

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