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Compare Car Hire Madrid Airport

The capital city of Madrid receives many visitors via Madrid Airport each year. The city is full of historical sites, restaurants, shopping malls, parks and other attractions to sample. By using car hire services, visitors can easily explore the many places of interest in the city.

It makes sense to use rent-a-car services from Madrid Airport to get a vehicle to explore Madrid when visiting. The city is the largest in Spain; hence, a car can come in handy when visiting different attractions.

The City Square

One place you need to visit in Madrid is the Plaza Mayor, which is an attractive square where lots of tourists visit every day. At the plaza, you will find that a lot of interesting things are located at the spot. You can get a feel for the city from this spot and enjoy some of the local delicacies on offer before continuing to other parts. One treat to sample is the calamari sandwich which is a bun filled with calamari dipped in batter and fried. You will find many tourists at the square sampling this famous sandwich as it is quite tasty and filling, especially if you are hungry after some sightseeing.

The Palace

Use car hire services from Madrid Airport to visit the royal palace which is the official residence of the Spanish Royal family. The palace offers visitors a glimpse of great art pieces and is itself a thing of beauty. The palace was built using expensive materials such as marble and mahogany. The windows are works of art exhibiting frescos made by various famous artists. Hence, if you are a lover of architecture, a day spent at the official royal residence will not be wasted.

Shop and have fun

If you are a fan of high-end fashion brands, then the place to shop is at the Grand Via where you will find lots of designer shops. The Grand Via is quite busy, and you will always find something to do whether it is day or night. It is also full of bars, cinemas, nightclubs and theaters you can visit at night if you want to sample some of the city’s nightlife.

If you love tasting local foods and drinks, then head for La Latina where you will find an eclectic mix of bar and restaurants to suit any taste. You can enjoy lots of tapas and sample different types of Spanish drinks. If you love parks, then head over to the Buen Retiro Park, which is the biggest park in the city. You can look at the many monuments and sculptures in the park and visit the galleries as well. Alternatively, you may just spend some quiet moments at the park’s lake or take a boat ride on the lake as you absorb the peaceful atmosphere.

These are just a few attractions to visit next time you travel to Spain via Madrid Airport on vacation. Consider using car hire services as you will be able to see and explore more areas of the city and save money on transport as well.

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