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Compare Car Hire Dublin Airport

If you are flying to Dublin via Dublin airport, one of the things you should keep in mind apart from car hire is baggage safety. Many people have lost valuables at airports or in transit to their travel destination when flying to various destinations. It can be quite frustrating when your luggage is lost in transit during a flight as getting back your luggage in one piece is not always guaranteed.

To avoid baggage mishaps make sure that you do not pack your precious items in checked baggage. Valuable items are things such as jewelry, cash, important documents or fragile items. Always pack such items in your hand luggage so that you can have them as close to you as possible. Many airports such as Dublin Airport provide you with limits as to how much you can have in your hand luggage hence it’s possible to carry your precious cargo in your hand luggage with no problem.

Often bags are lost in transit when booking car hire services or even when changing money or withdrawing money. In a busy airport, someone can just whisk away your luggage when you are not looking. Luggage theft is especially prevalent with small carry-ons or suitcases. Hence, always be on the lookout and handle your luggage securely. Also, don’t entrust your luggage to a stranger while engaging in other matters as not everyone is trustworthy.

If your bag is lost in transit, then some things will help you get it back sooner. Make sure that you have a tag on your bag with your name, address and telephone number clearly written on it. Airports such as Dublin Airport recommend this as it is easier to locate your luggage from the many that are often on one flight. Also, make sure that the airport attendant taking care of your bags attaches a destination tag on your luggage as this will contribute to staff ensuring it gets to its destination.

Tags will even help you if you use car hire services and forget your bags in the car. Many travellers have numerous tags on their suitcases of past trips that can be confusing and even lead to loss of items. Always take off tags from previous trips and make sure that only the destination card from your current trip is on any luggage item at any given time.

When considering car hire services and issues such as rental insurance also keep in mind that you can use excess valuation insurance. Many airports have a liability limit as concerns how much they can pay you for your valuables in case your luggage is misplaced. If your luggage value exceeds the airport liability limit, excess valuation will take care of the rest ensuring you get back the value of your loss.

Just as you take into consideration issues such as car hire services, accommodations, and foreign currency, ensure that your baggage safety is topmost in your mind. Luggage security is quite important if you are travelling with valuable cargo. Organize your items such that the most expensive does not go into check-in but is with you or close to you at all times. Also, get insurance if your belongings cost more than set airport liability limits. Consider these factors when next you travel to Dublin via Dublin airport and you just might save yourself losses should you misplace your luggage.

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