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Compare Car Hire Heathrow Airport

England is a great holiday destination for many, and millions of tourists fly in via Heathrow Airport and other hubs each year. Although it has a reputation for being cold and gloomy, England is pretty attractive in summer and has lots of attractions you can visit. You may choose to travel around using trains, buses, trams or use car hire services. However, having a rental car will give you the best experience as you get to explore the country with ease.

Don’t struggle with a British accent

Just because an English person speaks English, it doesn’t mean that you will have everything easy, especially if you are used to American English. Hence, you will find that you get a lot of blank looks if you mix the two when speaking to a local. Also, don’t be one of the people that strain to talk in a British accent as it often comes out just comical. If you are going to apply for a service such as a car hire services or get assistance at an airport such as Heathrow airport, the best thing is to speak in your normal way. Sooner or later you will get the help you need as oppose to trying to talk in a British accent and confusing your listener instead.

It is also good to book lodgings and car hire services in advance rather than leaving it to your arrival at Heathrow airport. Many tourists go to England for summer vacation and often the accommodations and car hire services are fully booked. Hence, if you want to get the best place to stay and the rental car of your choice, then book ahead.

Cheap accommodations to help save money

Instead of booking lodgings in a hotel, it’s better to book a room at a bed and breakfast. Hotels are quite expensive, and you can save that money to pay for car hire or to spend on tours of places you would like to see. B and B's are mostly found in the countryside which is where you want to spend the bulk of your vacation. Although London is exciting, you will miss out on the real beauty of England if you don’t venture out of the city and explore the countryside. Keep in mind that it’s also quite expensive to spend all your time in the city as well, as things are relatively expensive as compared to the countryside.

If you plan on visiting heritage sites, then get a British heritage pass. Getting a pass will allow you to visit all the heritage sights you desire, and the overall cost is much cheaper than paying for entrance per site visited. It’s kind of interesting to use car hire services to make a road trip and visit all the heritage sights you desire as you explore the countryside and get to know about the local culture. When you visit a tourist site, it is best to get a guided tour as guides often provide lots of interesting information that you would not get if you explored a tourist site alone. These are a few tips to remember the next time you visit London via Heathrow airport for a vacation to help you enjoy your stay and save money.

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