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Compare Car Hire Stansted Airport

If you are planning to visit the UK via Stansted Airport for a vacation, you may be worried about how to save money. Car hire services, hotel accommodations, and restaurants are not cheap in the UK, and it takes some care for one to have a budget holiday. However, you don’t need to worry as there are many ways to save on costs and make sure you enjoy your holiday in Britain without emptying your bank account.

Use public transport in the city

Stansted Airport receives lots of tourist from all over the world each year. The UK is often overlooked by many as a vacation spot, but it holds lots of promise as a holiday destination. For example, London is often a favorite with many travelers, but it can be quite expensive to move around.

If you want to tour London, avoid taxis and rentals as you may end up paying lots of money in fares or fuel money. Instead, take advantage of the well-developed transport system to move around. You can use buses, trains, and the underground transportation system to move from one place to the other. All you need is a good map, and you can enjoy a great adventure driving from one tourist attraction to another. You can save even more money by eating roadside food and in cheap eateries that serve surprisingly good food such as banger and mash and hot dogs among other foods.

Car hire in the countryside

If you decide to explore the countryside, then using car hire services from Stansted Airport is a good idea. You can get an affordable budget rental to help you move from place to place. There are many fuel stations in the countryside, and you can keep your rental fueled as you travel from town to town seeing what they have to offer. Accommodations are cheap at B&Bs where they serve you breakfast and provide simple but satisfactory places to stay for budget travelers. Other options for shelter are hostels, guesthouses and even university dorms that let out rooms when the schools are out of session.

To save yourself the hassle of looking for things to do, purchase a tourist guide from the tourist center in the airport or city that highlight any events or interesting sites you can visit. Keep in mind that each locale has a tourist information center where you can get assistance when you need directions or information.


There are many things you need to prepare for when visiting England apart from car hire services and accommodation, such as the currency. The British Pound is the official currency in England so have some beforehand. You should check with your bank to see if your ATM card will work in the withdrawal machines in England, and if not you have to use traveler’s checks. You can also liaise with your travel agent to find out other ways of handling finances while in the UK that will not cost you much in charges.

You can communicate with friends and family via the internet or phone in case of any problem. Overall, you will find that it is quite easy to get around, and you will enjoy your holiday in the UK. So why not book a trip to England via Stansted Airport for your next vacation today!

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