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Compare Car Hire Pisa Airport

One of the places in Italy often overlooked is Pisa, home of the leaning tower of Pisa. Often, tourist travel to Italy via Pisa Airport just to see the tower and then move to other more famous regions of Italy. Using car hire services, many tourists go to different places in Italy to visit various attractions. Each region in the country has its charm; hence, it’s hard to stay in a single location. However, Pisa is worth at least a day or two if you are traveling to Italy on vacation.

The leaning tower of Pisa

Hire a car from Pisa Airport and tour the leaning tower of Pisa to find out why it leans. You will find that the reason that the tower of Pisa leans is because the city is on soft ground. Hence, you will find that some old buildings are well-preserved but leaning to one side in the city. A good example of such a building is the Palazzo Agostino built in the 14th century. Architectural enthusiasts will enjoy visiting this architectural beauty that is surprisingly well preserved till today.

One must also visit other buildings in Miracle’s Square where the main religious monuments of Pisa are located. Of significance is the Pisa Baptistery, which holds a lot of beautiful sculptures by renowned artist such as Nicola Pisano. The baptistery is the biggest in Italy; hence, it attracts numerous tourists each year.

Food, wine, and party

However, not everyone is interested in monuments and religious attractions as some people just want to shop, dine in fine restaurants and party. Well, using car hire services from Pisa Airport you can do some shopping in different areas of the city. If you want souvenirs, there are quite a few nice shops at the Miracle Square. If you are looking for high-end items, then the Borgo Stretto is a great place to shop.

If you want to sample some of Italy’s fine wines and cheeses among other foods, then you will find great grocery shops at Piazza Delle Vettovaglie. If you are lucky, you may make purchases at the antique street market that is set up once or twice per month in Pisa. Street markets are one of the best ways to absorb the atmosphere of a city and engage with the local people. If you want to sample the nightlife, then visit the Arno Promenade, which is quite vibrant in the evening. Its bar and restaurants, as well as clubs, are always fun to visit, and they are great places to meet other tourists and make friend with the locals.

While you visit Pisa, you must enjoy the local foods as much as possible. The locals take pride in using fresh ingredients focusing on what is in season to make tasty unforgettable meals. One tip to focus on is that you should avoid restaurants set close to tourist attractions and haunts as they often serve mediocre food and overprice it. Try to look at restaurant reviews online or liaise with the locals as they always know where to find the best and most authentic Italian grub at affordable prices. There is a lot to do in Pisa and using car hire services you won’t get bored from the moment you arrive at Pisa Airport until you fly back to your home country.

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