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Compare Car Hire Lisbon Airport

If you are traveling to Portugal via Lisbon Airport for a vacation, you are sure to do some shopping during your stay. Shopping while on vacation is an excellent way to buy souvenirs or gifts that you can take back home to friends or family. However, vacationing comes with lots of expenses from accommodation costs, to car hire service payments and even tour charges, the list is endless. Therefore, it helps to cut back or save money and enjoy refunds and discounts its where possible.

Apart from cheap hotels and affordable car hire services, bargain travelers can also take advantage of tax refunds. Travelers to airports such as Lisbon Airport always benefit from duty-free shopping, but few are aware that they can get refunds for shopping they do in a foreign country via VAT returns.

What are VAT refunds?

Apart from car hire services there are other ways to save money when travelling abroad. When shopping in a European country, you will notice that a lot of goods and services have a value added tax attached to them. Of course duty free shops such as those in Lisbon Airport don’t tax. However, the VAT on goods and services in many countries can be as high as 25%, which is a lot of money if you think about all the shopping you do when traveling. Few people know that in some counties travelers are entitled to a refund on the VAT they spend in European countries. While getting a VAT refund can be a tedious process it’s worth it for anyone looking to save a buck or two on travel expenses.

Agencies that can help with VAT refunds

If you are going to a place like Portugal via Lisbon Airport and would like to get refunds on value added tax the best way to do it is to work with agencies that specialize in such work. When you work with such agencies, they will advise you on which stores to patronize as not all stores have an arrangement with them. Just as is the case with car hire services, using a professional company to deal with refunds will relieve you of the headache of dealing with the tedious process alone.

These agencies often have offices in many international airports, and you can approach them for advice. It’s easy to consult such agencies as you organize for other services such as car hire or deal with money exchange issues at the terminal. The experts will advise you on where to shop and how to make purchases so that you get some money back from all the shopping you do during your travels.

However, don’t overlook the benefit of shopping at duty-free shops when traveling. You can always get great stuff at affordable prices because as the name says they sell these items tax-free. Duty-free shops in places such as Lisbon Airport are a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs especially if you are doing last minute shopping. The small savings you make from using car hire services, shopping at tax-free stores, booking budget accommodation and eating in affordable restaurants can add up to significant savings when going on vacation and allow you to focus on the important stuff such as sightseeing.

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