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Compare Car Hire Ghana

Ghana is a popular tourist destination in West Africa. Vacationers come to this country because they want to witness spectacular beaches that it can offer. One of the main attractions of the country is no doubt its magnificent beaches and crystal clear water. Ghana beaches are considered as the most magnificent beaches on earth. Majority of these beaches are in Accra, so once you set foot on Ghana Airport, then you are opening the gate to different awesome beaches. It is a wise decision to book for hotel close to the city of Accra or as much as possible find an accommodation within the city. You should also consider booking for a car rental service for your convenience.

Hotels and other lodging in Ghana can offer basic facilities and amenities for affordable rates, so all sorts of tourists with different budget and preference will surely find a place to stay in Accra. Staying in Ghana particularly in Accra will not take away all your savings as there are budget friendly hotels that can offer relaxing and enjoyable accommodation. You will enjoy sport fishing while you are in Ghana as this is one of the most popular activities in the land. There are other exciting water sports activities such as water skiing, sailing and diving. The best place to do all of these activities is at Lake Volta.

Aside from its magnificent beaches, there are other places in Ghana that you should not miss like Bia National Park, Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bui National Park, Mole Game Reserve, Kakum Nature Park ad many rainforests. The course of tourism in this part of the world is rapidly developing as many travelers from different parts of the globe realize how beautiful this country is. As you go to Ghana, it is important that you include all of these destinations. Among all national parks that have been mentioned, the Mole National Park is where you can find crocodile, buffalo, elephant, baboon, warthog and many other wild animals.

Right before you plan a vacation in Ghana, then it is important to keep some things in mind. The first is that you must carry a valid Visa and a proof that you have a vaccine against Yellow Fever. This is very important especially if you will travel with kids. You also need to become aware that some of the health risks in going to Ghana are Dengue and Malaria. It is best if you will explore using a rent a car service for your protection. It is good to know that Ghana is a hot country all throughout the year. You might experience tropical rains, but it is not enough to ruin your excitement. It is best to avoid going to Ghana from April until June.