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Compare Car Hire Milan Linate Airport

Customer support is the most important and top priority aspect for authorities at Linate Airport. Whether arriving or departing, you will get the best assistance at the airport. This passenger guide will help you to know what you expect once at the airport. One of the biggest considerations is security. Terrorism is a real threat in the world’s major airports which have been chief targets of late. For that reason, Linate Airport does not take chances as far as security of their customers is concerned.

Italy has not been a target of such crime but security at Linate Airport will always be given top precedence. You must be prepared to go through many security checks and the airport requires maximum cooperation on that from all passengers. Your boarding card must always be ready because you will be asked to produce it.

Compulsory security checks

If your shoes have anything metallic, it will be detected by the metal detectors thus you will be required to get them off. Your hand luggage can have only limited amounts of liquids since restrictions for that at Linate Airport are very strict. There are regulations on things that you can carry as hand luggage and those that you cannot carry. The rules on hand and hold luggage are clear and airport staffers will always remind you to check through before checking in.

The weight and size of your luggage matters a lot. Airlines have their own regulations on that and you should check with the one you will travel with. If your luggage is outsized, the airport staffers will direct you on where to deposit it. There is a special area at the destination you are heading to where outsized luggage can be collected. If you are a passenger with reduced mobility or you suffer from any physical disability, Linate Airport will cater for your needs in the best way.

The same applies to aged passengers but there are regulations they must adhere to as well. One, they must submit a request to be offered assistance by the airline. That has to be done at least 48 hours before the departure time to allow the airline put logistics in place. The airline you are travelling with will then work on your request and assign an International Air Transport Association code detailing all your needs.

Prepare travel documents

Make sure you have fed the airline with every detail about the nature of assistance that you will need to be given. Do not assume that they will know by looking at your physical state. Your travel documents must be ready and they include identification as well as health documents. For arriving passengers, they will need to hire a car for ground transportation.

There are many car rental companies operating from the arrivals terminal and it will be easy choosing the best. If you don’t want to deal with car hire, there is the option of public transport. You will get many buses and shuttles serving Linate Airport from multiple destinations.

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