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Compare Car Hire Bergamo Airport

If you are traveling to Italy via Bergamo Airport, one of the things you may be thinking about apart from accommodation is car hire services. Many travelers like the idea of driving in a foreign country as opposed to using public means such as taxis, buses or trains. It’s quite comfortable using a rental as you get to organize your itinerary based on what you want to do when you want to do.

Freedom of movement is crucial when you are on vacation. Hence, rentals are quite popular among tourists traveling abroad. However, many vacationers are put off from using car hire services in Italy because they have heard that Italians are crazy drivers. Hence, you will find many at airports such as Bergamo Airport waiting for taxis as they choose to rely on someone else to drive them around.

If you can’t drive, get a driver

While it is true that driving in Italy can be scary for foreigners; it is not an impossible task. However, there are a few points you need to keep in mind to beat them at their own game. First off, do not expect polite drivers; hence, adopt an aggressive way of driving that you would otherwise not use in your home country. Adapt swift driving while staying within the rules and you may be surprised how fun it is to drive on Italian roads.

However, some people cannot be coaxed to drive on Italian roads no matter what and these people would do well to use chauffeured car hire services from Bergamo Airport. When you used a chauffeured rental, you still get freedom of movement but let another person handle the stress of driving. The drivers used by rental companies in Italy are used to the driving style in their country; hence, you may be much safer being driven by them than driving yourself.

Get away from the cities

If you are planning a holiday to Italy via Bergamo Airport, then plan most of your sight-seeing for the countryside. By countryside, I mean get away from the cities as the pace in the outskirts is more tranquil. You also save on accommodation and things like parking fees which are quite high in the city. When you want to tour places in the city, then give yourself up to the public transport system and use a map to get from one attraction to another.

Rent off road vehicles

If you decide to use a rental car for off-road travel in Italy, consider using 4X4 car hire services from Bergamo Airport. The roads outside the city are not always even, and you will find that it’s better to have a capable car rather than an economy car to move around. Also, many 4x4 cars have satellite navigation which you may need to move around as you find your way through the countryside. Overall, Italy is packed with great tourist attractions, is full of amazing culinary delights, tasty wine, and friendly people; it’s a great place to have a vacation.

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