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Compare Car Hire Grenoble Train Station

While cities like Paris are most popular as tourist destinations in France, there are others that are not as well-known but just as charming and engaging. One of the cities that is ideal for vacation is Grenoble, also known as the Capital of the Alps. Grenoble is set next to snow-capped mountains and attracts many people that enjoy mountain sports. A 4 wheel drive car hire at Grenoble train station is ideal for people visiting this French city to drive up mountains for skiing among other sports.

Apart from mountain sports, Grenoble also attracts lots of scholars due to its famous university of Grenoble, which is known for its contributions to scientific research. Reliable car hire at Grenoble train station services are popular with students and teachers. They can use the rental vehicles for the period they are in school attendance and on school contracts and then return them when leaving for their home countries.

If you are an art and culture enthusiast the best time to visit the city is during the famous Jazz festival held in Grenoble in March. During the festival, jazz music is played in various concerts and bars all over the city. You can book car hire at Grenoble train station services and accommodation in advance as the festival attracts many visitors and such services are almost always fully booked.

Cable car rides

For a great view of the city, you can ditch your rental and use the famous cable car found in the city. The Grenoble cable car allows you to have a 360-degree view of the city, the Alps and even has a restaurant from which you can enjoy the view while taking your favorite beverage or meal. Another option is a walk up to the Bastille fortress that affords you a great view of the city although the walk is not easy.

Culinary delights

When it comes to culinary delights, Grenoble is famous for its walnuts and the various dishes or pastries they make using these nuts. You also have traditional Fondue and Raclette, which is a signature dish in the Alps made at the table for guests. As for a signature drink make sure you sample an herbal extracts liqueur named the Chartreuse that got its name from the Grand Chartreuse monastery located just outside of Grenoble.

Apart from car hire at Grenoble train station services you can also get around the city using buses, trams, and even cycle when the weather allows. Walking is also a good way to explore the city. However, using a rental will give you freedom of movement and enable you to carry your equipment especially if you’re visiting for purposes of engaging in mountain sports.

Car hire at Grenoble train station rentals are also a good means of transport to use if you are visiting the town as a group. Book a rental in advance of your trip and the same applies to accommodations so as to get the best vehicles and rooms at affordable rates. You will find that there are vehicles, accommodations, and even tour packages to suit any budget. So why not book a trip to this alpine town today!

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