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Compare Car Hire Vienna Central Train Station

Just like any other country, there are rules and regulations that guide operations of the car rental industry in Austria. When you arrive in Vienna, one of the straightforward places to hire a car is Vienna Train Station. You will be asked several questions by a car rental before you are entrusted with any car on hire. Before deciding to go out on car hire, make sure you have researched widely on this issue to be well informed.

Driving license

You cannot be allowed to drive on any road leading to and from Vienna Train Station if you don’t have a valid international driving license. This applies to all visitors arriving in Austria from other countries. There are some limitations on the usage of international driving licenses and you should be well informed on that. It will be frustrating if you travel to Vienna then you are informed that you cannot drive since your license is not accepted.

Your car’s headlights must be on at night as you drive. You can be arrested if you fail to put them on but during the day, it’s optional as you can have the lights on or off. If you have children, there are guidelines for carrying them. All children who are below 12 years and have a height of not more than 150 cm, they must be carried in specialized safety seats. If you have hired a mini-van, the law allows only one child to seat in a single seat.

Overloading is a serious traffic crime in Austria so make sure you are not a victim of that. Carry passenger numbers as required without overloading even if they are children. Drunk driving is another traffic crime that you will not get away easily with in Vienna if you are found guilty. You are not allowed to exceed the limit of 0.5 per mill alcohol consumption as you drive. In case you violate that, the punishment entails paying heavy fines and in some cases your driving license will be confiscated.

Alcohol-free driving

There is no car hire company at Vienna Train Station that will engage you in case they realize you are a drunkard. You might be scrutinized keenly to determine whether you take alcohol or not and its part of their effort and policy for alcohol-free driving. Speaking over the phone as you drive is yet another punishable offence that might bring trouble to your experience in Vienna with a hired car.

The law only allows for use of a phone mounted and on hands-free mode in such a way that your driving is not affected. It is always mandatory to have your seat belt on as you drive. This law does not only apply to the driver but any other person inside the car. This is one thing that will be checked at every police stop you come across. If you hire a car at Vienna Train Station without knowledge of these regulations, you will have nobody to blame in case you fall into the trap of law enforcers.

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